mercredi 17 février 2010

Almost a week of travels

One week ago was our last working day. And now we are travelling for almost a week! Wellington is behind us even if we still miss our life there!

We are now in Dunedin, beautiful city by the way, and we are still happy with our campervan. It is definitely small but we are well-organised, so no worries.

I really loved the Moeraki Boulders and I shot a few nice pictures. We also saw yellow-eyed pinguins (which are very rare), blue pinguins, seals, sea lions. We didn’t have the chance to see the albatross on the Otago Penisula.

We went to Baldwin Street in Dunedin, which is the steepest street of the world! Macs, I did this! :-)

The weather is not so great and warm! It is just okay. When will the summer come? We had a few very nice days in Akaroa and Otago Penisula. Otherwise, it is quite often windy but nearly no rain. Actually it’s not only in Wellington that there are wind gusts!

On Wednesday, we will leave Dunedin and go down to the Catlins and Stewart Island. The Catlins seems to be a beautiful area. We have planned to do short walks and will stay in a DOC campground. Then we will take the ferry from Bluff to Stewart Island and stay overnight.

See you in a week or so for fresh news… :-)



Il y quelques temps, avant de partir pour le voyage, j’ai décidé de ne plus boire de l’alcool entre le 11 février et le 3 juin (dates de notre voyage). Bon, je ne vous cache pas que j’ai déjà bu un petit verre de vin rouge le deuxième jour mais c’était pour une très bonne raison (à découvrir plus tard…).

C’est une sorte de pari pour moi-même et franchement, je suis sûre que je n’aurais pas de problème de ne rien boire d’alcoolisé pendant un peu moins de 4 mois. J’ai pensé que j’avais assez goûté de vin pendant notre voyage et que c’était ok de ne pas goûté les vins en Australie.