Montreux, where you will find the famous Jazz Festival and the Chillon Castle. Moreover, a few well-known people have lived here. Enjoy the summer café terraces, stroll in the old town and the shops, take a walk along the lake or visit the top of the mountains by train. Everything is so close in Montreux that you can do whatever you want from your holiday flat. Montreux, the place to be.

Vevey, the neighbour of Montreux (only 10km away), is a quiet town with a strong wine history. Every summer, there are on Saturday the market with traditionnal music, wine and food. Just a perfect time to discover another side of Switzerland. Vevey is also the town where Nestlé has the headoffices. This mean that not only wine is important but also chocolate.

Lavaux, an UNESCO site, is one of the most beautiful place on the earth with impressive landscapes, numerous wineyards and wineries to taste wines which won international medals. When the sun shines, the blue lake of Geneva is even more a beauty.

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