Unlike many other versions, I did not want to involve any Flash but rely on 100% on an HTML stack. The game works well in Chrome and Firefox, despite a few issues for the latter.

The whole was written purely with Notepad++ and intermittent Internet access, making the whole process longer but much more interesting, as I had to solve many issues by myself without immediately googling for help. In this regard, the development tools of Chrome have proven to be essential, allowing dynamic inspection of the HTML as well as of the SVG components.

There is almost no JavaScript in the HTML page as you can see in All the funny stuff is (somehow) available in Disabling the right click within the HTML was not done to avoid people stealing a source, but to avoid the contextual menu in the SVG grid part of the page.

Further details on how to play are available on the page itself:


Hope you enjoy playing one of the over 20 different nonogram grid setups!