My issue started when I wanted to use LINQ on my SQLite database. I downloaded the whole package for the SQLite compatibility from and ran the installation process which installed the dlls and the examples on my machine. As I don’t have an IDE, the integration step with the IDE was obviously missed out but I could easily access what I was looking for – the examples and the help files.

The issue arose later, when I tried to use the command line tool who replaced SQLMetal to generate my LINQ compatible entities:
EdmGen.exe /mode:FullGeneration /project:vsvEntities /provider:System.Data.Sqlite
/connectionstring:"Data Source=[MyPathTo]\Viewstate.sqlite"

EdmGen cannot find the database provider and fails. According to a forum post, this is only initialised properly (dlls are GACed and registered propertly) when the integration with an IDE is done.

Instead of spending time GACing the relevant dlls and finding out the various needed settings for data providers, I decided to focus on the current code using old-fashioned SQL queries. Sorry for all the LINQ addicts, hope I’ll get some time later to address this :)