5 years ago, Florence and I started a new chapter in our lives by arriving in Wellington. We began discovering the wonderful city of Wellington and the Kiwi culture via sport or arts.

If you wish to read about our discovery of wonderful New Zealand, I recommend you the following links:

  1. Our first days in Wellington and the discovery of the city
  2. The first trip over several days in the North Island, toward Cape East
  3. An overview of winter in July in the south hemisphere
  4. The discovery of the lovely city of Christchurch, before its awful devastation
  5. Walking the famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing, just before celebrating our first anniversary of presence in New Zealand
  6. Discovery of the golden beaches of Abel Tasman National Park
  7. Sunny break on Cook Island during the grey winter in Wellington
  8. Our last big trip in the North Island up to Northland, before preparing our nice travel back home
  9. … which started first with a month in the South Island
  10. Continued by a great trip around Australia, Hawaii, New York and finally back to Switzerland!